Mike Nerone

Mike Nerone

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Username * feyshtey
Country * USA
City Fort Collins


Availability: student


I've always dreamed of one day becoming a professional artist. At 35, I thought I'd let that dream slip through my fingers. But as luck would have it, my wife believes more in me than I do in myself at times. After my years of proclaiming that we couldn't afford my going back to school, or pursuing a career in art, my wife explained that I couldn't afford not to any longer.

Due entirely to her sneaky nature, I'm 3 weeks away from diving in with both feet as a full time freshman at the Art Institute of Pitt. I'll be pursuing the Media Art & Animation degree online while juggling a full-time sys admin job, a 8 year-old stepson, a 2 year-old son, and a wife who believes that a 24 hour day is an urban legend concocted to hold people back... I fear it will be many years before I get to sleep again.

I can't wait to be interacting with other artists, and giving and recieving the critiques which my current learning process so desperately lacks.

I'd like to thank the CGSociety for keeping the ember of hope alive in me for these past few years, as well as all the artists here who've given me endless inspiration and fueled my passion.


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